#VSS365 April 2019

Here are my compiled vss365 from April 2019!

Updated July 13, 2019 to add links to original posts.

Prompt: Victim
Date: April 1, 2019

A victim of circumstance, she chose to rise above her curse and fight for the humanity within. A curse didn’t make her savage. Her choices did.

Prompt: Voicing
Date: April 3, 2019

Voicing your opinion as a werewolf was rare. There were no respectful debates. No freedom of speech. If you didn’t agree with the alpha male, you were attacked. Sometimes kicked out.

As a loner, he preferred being human.

Prompt: Vase
Date: April 4, 2019

She froze as her best friend shoved her dining room table in frustration. His new strength rocketed the table through the wall, shattering the dinner plates and vase. Vibrant tulips fell to the floor.

Letting him in was a mistake after all.

Prompt: Vacate
Date: April 6, 2019

“If you need an apartment, I’ve got one recently vacated.”

“What happened? I’ve been first on the waitlist for years. No one moves out.”

“You don’t want to ask.”

“Human or vampire?”

“Kid, somethings are best left unknown.”

Prompt: Violence
Date: April 8, 2019

Even those who cared about humanity lived a life of violence. Those who tried to live on the fringes of the supernatural community still had to fight at times. Still had to survive. Peace never lasted long when you had fangs, no matter your species.

Prompt: Veteran
Date: April 9, 2019

Despite not finishing his surgeon residency program, he was the veteran doctor. She’d dabbled as a nurse a hundred years ago. The boss still believed in bloodletting. Everyone relied on him as the war grew bloodier, and he’d never felt more inadequate.

Prompt: Vomit
Date: April 11, 2019

Jericho nodded and vomited over the medical tools Thomas held in one hand.


The orangish-brown liquid pooled around the once sterile tools and dripped onto the flood. Blood. Stomach vile. Its rotten smell gagged Thomas.

Prompt: Void
Date: April 16, 2019

Blood didn’t fill the deep void anymore. Liquor, drugs, women. Nothing worked. Time kept passing and the thrill from the gush of warm blood around his gums and down his throat disappeared. He stopped hunting, moving. Only sleep brought comfort.

Prompt: Veneer
Date: April 17, 2019

The blood junkies’ den hid behind a veneer of a successful casino. People flowed from around the country into the magnificent paradise, unknowing that financial ruin or the wrong drug could land them in the basement, tortured for a vampire’s high.

Prompt: Vegan
Date: April 18, 2019

“Are there vampires that don’t drink human blood? Maybe animal’s instead?”

Vegan vampires? Sure, kid, you’ve read too many books. You can try it, but it won’t work. Last guy I knew who tried turned into a blood junkie out of desperation.”

Prompt: Vapid
Date: April 24, 2019

Immortality only provides a thrill of living for the first few decades. Eventually, the thrill transforms into a vapid existence while your human family lives on, breathing, laughing, loving as they age and experience change and accept death.

Prompt: Vacillate
Date: April 26, 2019

“The problem is you vacillate between accepting your future and your old life. It isn’t that you’re disgusted by blood; you’re a doctor. Gruesome is your nature. Accept the fangs and go back to helping the injured, of all species.”

Prompt: Vanished
Date: April 30, 2019

As quickly as she entered my life, she vanished. Wandered to the next thrill, the next easy neck like the other vampires. It was only me who couldn’t leave this town.

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