Shadows of Colebrooke by Brandy I Timmons

Shadows of Colesbrooke

Book 1 of Children of Kaespars

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Resident physician Thomas Spencer always knew something was strange about Colesbrooke—he had witnessed it in the operating room. When he’s attacked and wakes up thirsting for human blood, Thomas discovers an underground world of supernatural magic and hate.

As war between two rival vampire gangs erupts and threatens to destroy the city, Thomas’ medical training becomes vital to the war effort. It also endangers himself and his human friends. Torn between saving lives and protecting those he loves, Thomas must discover his new place in the world and avoid succumbing to the effects of the vampire curse.

The first installment of the Children of Kaespars series, Shadows of Colesbrooke, is a gripping adventure that kicks off a quest for humanity, fulfillment, partnership, and a cure.

“Brandy has a great way of splitting up very intense action scenes with character building and even some well-placed humor. Her writing is lively, engaging, and it left me wanting the new book.”

~Amazon Review

Moonlit Woods by Brandy I Timmons

Moonlit Woods

Book 2 of Children of Kaespars

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Clara Warren has finally accepted being a werewolf. Running with her pack feels natural, and a local witch brews a potion that allows them to hunt animals at the full moon instead of vampires. Clara likes not murdering every month, though vampires are no friends of hers.

When her human boyfriend starts to stink of vampire, Clara must reveal her own supernatural identity to protect him or risk losing another happy relationship. As she steels herself to reveal everything, her boyfriend becomes the latest casualty of a vampire spat, their newest fledging.

A vampire.

In the chaos of salvaging her relationship, a drifting werewolf pack breaks the treaty among Colesbrooke’s supernatural community. Old feuds are rekindled. As a new war threatens, Clara must decide whose side she’s on.

The second installment of the Children of Kaespars series, Moonlit Woods, forges new bonds of friendships and propels the quest of humanity forward.

Children of Kaespars

5 Book Series—First two books available now

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting more. We’re going to figure this out. Not just you. Not just me. All of us. Together. And if we don’t find a cure for another fifty years, at least we’ll have each other.”

When Thomas Spencer is wrenched into the supernatural world, everything changes for his best friends. As they adjust to new lives, they begin to question what it means to be human.

Not everyone is satisfied. Meeting and dating new people only teaches them that the supernatural world isn’t as marvelous as immortality claims. Some vampires and werewolves aren’t satisfied.

The desire for a cure sets them on a journey of science, magic, and danger that forces them to question their beliefs and morals. Not every answer is ethical, and each person must decide what they’re willing to sacrifice to be normal again.

Follow Thomas Spencer and his friends in the Children of Kaespars series as they discover the price of living.