COVID-19 Silence

In April, I published my second book. In June, I went silent.

Honestly, going silent was not the best move. But life hit hard, and I hit bottom. I disappeared from my website, my social media accounts, my online friends, and many of my family.

COVID-19 never hit Manitoba like it did other parts of Canada or the U.S. However, my family isn’t only in Manitoba. I have siblings and extended family scattered throughout Canada and the U.S. So while I was mostly safe, not everyone I loved was.

When my sister and her family got COVID, the worry consumed me. It was the start of my slippery slope, and I fell farther with each new diagnosis from people I loved. I didn’t handle it well.

My family is recovering. Only a few of them have lasting side effects. I’ve made changes in my life for a better mental health space. And I’ve started writing again.

Do I feel like the old me? No. But I’m getting there. And getting back on here is one of those steps.

Wear a mask. Be careful. Stay safe.

picture of corona virus
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