Moonlit Woods Now Available

Moonlit Woods is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

Sometimes werewolves can't catch a break... Moonlit Woods now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

It was a wild ride getting the book released. Four days before the originally planned release date (April 2nd), Amazon made a mistake and removed my pre-order listing. And while they fixed it the problem, I had to bump back the release date for a week and didn’t have a pre-order this time.

But now, as of April 9th, Moonlit Woods is available as an ebook for $3.99 and paperback for $12.99. Or you can read it via Kindle Unlimited.

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Moonlit Woods synopsis:

Clara Warren has finally accepted being a werewolf. Running with her pack feels natural, and a local witch brews a potion that allows them to hunt animals at the full moon instead of vampires. Clara likes not murdering every month, though vampires are no friends of hers.

When her human boyfriend starts to stink of vampire, Clara must reveal her own supernatural identity to protect him or risk losing another happy relationship. As she steels herself to reveal everything, her boyfriend becomes the latest casualty of a vampire spat, their newest fledging.

A vampire.

In the chaos of salvaging her relationship, a drifting werewolf pack breaks the treaty among Colesbrooke’s supernatural community. Old feuds are rekindled. As a new war threatens, Clara must decide whose side she’s on.

The second installment of the Children of Kaespars series, Moonlit Woods, forges new bonds of friendships and propels the quest of humanity forward.

Haven’t read book one, Shadows of Colesbrooke?

Shadows of Colesbrooke is also available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

Resident physician Thomas Spencer always knew something was strange about Colesbrooke—he’d witnessed it in the operating room. When he’s attacked and wakes up thirsting for human blood, Thomas discovers an underground world of supernatural magic and hate.

As war between two rival vampire gangs erupts and threatens to destroy the city, Thomas’ medical training becomes vital to the war effort. It also endangers himself and his human friends. Torn between saving lives and protecting those he loves, Thomas must discover his new place in the world and avoid succumbing to the effects of the vampire curse.

The first installment of the Children of Kaespars series, Shadows of Colesbrooke, is a gripping adventure that kicks off a quest for humanity, fulfillment, partnership, and a cure.

“For me it was both entertaining and cathartic, and I would recommend it to everyone!” – Sam L.

“What a good start to what I hope will be a great series!” – Natalie P.

“The writing style itself shines best in tense moments and vivid sensory description. Thomas’s transformation from human to vampire in addition to some key action scenes are viscerally striking in their attention to detail.” – Tina H.

“Shadows of Colesbrooke proves that there are still unique, refreshing stories to tell about vampirism. Far from falling into the stereotypical tropes, Thomas’s experience feels like an authentic journey as he navigates unexpected life changes and adjusts to a new culture and set of challenges.” – Amber C.

Happy reading!

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