Carols of Colesbrooke

This holiday season is a wonderful time to celebrate family, serve others, and listen to some sweet holiday music.

Tired of the same-old classics? Honestly, you can only listen to Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer so many times. Here is my spin on the old-fashioned—a holiday album for all Shadows of Colesbrooke fans and followers out there.

My album: Carols of Colesbrooke!


Earnest Baby

The Little Fledgling Boy

Baby It's Dangerous Outside

Let it Flow, Let it Flow, Let it Flow

Lawrence Tell Me

All I Want for Christmas is Julia

Thomas the Newbie Vampire, and

I'll Be Undead for Christmas

For any creative minds out there, let's celebrate Thomas this holiday season and give Shadows of Colesbrooke some love. Have ideas about how these songs should go? Comment below!

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