2019 Wrap Up

2019 was a big year for me! Here are some of the awesome things I’ve done:

My biggest accomplishment is that I published my first book. I’ve been dreaming of publishing since I was a teen, and around two decades later I have accomplished that dream. Shadows of Colesbrooke was a wonderful first book to release, and the reviews have been positive.

Shadows of Colesbrooke book cover and link to Amazon listing.

I’ve also made some wonderful friends in the Twitter world, and I can’t thank them enough for their advice, friendship, and encouragement. It’s because of them I was brave enough to keep trying and keep editing.

The writing community online is thriving, and I love that I can be a part of it for another year.

My microfiction game has been on point. I’ve been a little spotty the last two months, but I feel participating in the daily writing prompts has helped me focus on conciseness and precision, and it’s been loads of fun. I’m looking forward to another year of supernatural based microfiction!

Searching the dead body, I found his driver's license. Born in '76. Johnson Frank Dan. Restrictions A. Sex M. Eyes GPN. Donor.

Bingo. I hoisted him into my truck and sped home, dreaming of the organ feast I'd be eating tonight.

#brandyitimmons #vss365 #microfiction

Lastly, I’ve been editing like crazy on the second book of my Children of Kaespars series. It’s coming along quite nicely, and I’m excited to do a cover reveal soon.

Thank you all for reading and being a part of my writing process! Happy New Year!

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