WIPWordSearch Excerpts January 2024 Week 2

WIPWordSearch Excerpts for week 2. How is everyone’s January going? Hopefully you haven’t failed at any new year resolutions yet. My books are available on Kindle Unlimited. First two books in the Children of Kaespars series: Shadows of Colesbrooke and Moonlit Woods. My third book will be released soon. Sign up for my newsletter for updates.

WIPwordsearch excerpts January 2024

Shadows of Colesbrooke by Brandy I. Timmons: January WIPWordSearch Excerpts

January 10, 2024 – Visible

Wipwordsearch excerpt January Visible

He wanted to reach out to hug them close, but he couldn’t. Everyone at the table wore silver crosses around their throats, intentionally #visible.

January 11, 2024 – Victory

wipwordsearch excerpt for january: victory

The trivial routine of day-to-day life was returning to his new existence as a vampire, and Thomas felt that was some sort of #victory.

January 12, 2024 – Visit

wipwordsearch excerpt January: visit

Thomas glared, feeling a little betrayed.

“You called them? Are you serious?” She’d alerted them again. He’d come to #visit her. Alone. Not them. Heat rose in his face and he fought a burst of anger that frightened a part of him.

January 13, 2024 – Value

wipword search excerpt: Value

“Secondly, I want you to know we won’t force you into this. No matter what anyone says, you’re here as #valued friends and allies. We will not demand a single drop of blood from you.”

January 16, 2024 – Undo/Undone

wipwordsearch excerpts: undo

Julia’s fingers nimbly began to #undo the first few buttons of Thomas’ shirt as they broke another kiss, each staring at each other breathlessly.

January 17, 2024 – Use

Wipwordsearch excerpt: use

His hunger was satisfied after the first bag, but his predatory instincts weren’t. As he forced himself to choke down more cold blood, the need to #use his superior strength and take what he wanted, not get what he needed, filled him.

Moonlit Woods by Brandy I. Timmons: January WIPWordSearch Excerpts

January 10, 2024 – Visible

Already an ugly bruise was spreading across her ribcage, a spider web of green, black, and blue hues #visible even on her dark skin. Her body was being poisoned and destroyed by the silver lodged inside her flesh.

wipwordsearch excerpt: visible

January 11, 2024 – Victory

With a lifetime of violence behind them and a lycanthropic curse assuring them that this fight would end in #victory, Mohawk and Clive both roared as they charged forward, their heavy claws scarring the flooring as they set upon their target like the dogs they were.

wipwordsearch excerpt victory

January 12, 2024 – Visit

She must still have silver in her system from her brief #visit to the Red Lightning Pub because the itch wouldn’t go away and the wolf was pacing inside.

wipwordsearch excerpt visit

January 13, 2024 – Value

But the ticks are always fighting amongst themselves. They don’t #value bonds, not like us werewolves.

wipwordsearch excerpt value

January 17, 2024 – Use

Vampires couldn’t sniff out other species like werewolves could. They would be forced to #use more methodical means of discovery.

wipwordsearch excerpt use
WIPWordSearch January Week 2
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