In the Face of Fear

Aside from a few short childhood scuffles, Thomas had never really been in a real fight before he’d turned into a vampire. What he lacked in experience he made up for with vigorous enthusiasm as he hurled his fists forward, hoping to strike anything. As he threw another punch, his opponent raised his knee and drove it into Thomas’ navel, knocking the wind out of him. Before he could recover, the vampire pinned him by the shoulders. The vampire opened his mouth wide, his fangs like miniature, ivory daggers, and he tilted his head, aiming for Thomas’ throat.


Excerpt from Shadows of Colesbrooke

There’s a subtle message here that I really wanted to dive into this morning. First of all, Thomas is in a dangerous situation. Yes, you’ll find that this book has some intense moments! What I love about Thomas is how he reacts to the danger around him. Almost instinctively, he protects others, particularly his friends. He is, after all, an aspiring doctor. Even when his own life is in jeopardy, Thomas is courageous enough to look after others first.

I’ve had circumstances myself where I’ve had to put on a brave face. Being brave is hard, especially when our gut instinct is fear. I hope you learn from Thomas that being afraid is normal, that wanting to run or hide is as human as anything. Doesn’t matter what you’re going through, fear is part of life. What I hope you’ll find as you read Shadows of Colesbrooke is strength to get through that fear—in whatever form it takes. When Thomas is afraid, he turns to others. I think there’s a certain beauty in that. 

To anyone out there who faces fear (which should be just about all of us), I hope Thomas helps you discover the power of relationships and the courage it takes to fight fear.

What is it you’re afraid of? It can be anything! How have you dealt with fear in your life? Feel free to share; you may help someone with that same fear!

Six days until Shadows of Colesbrooke!

Shadows of Colesbrooke - Diving into a Scene
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