Calling All Best Friends

One of my favorite parts about being a writer is the characters. They’ve come alive, taken shape, and all but walked right out of my book! Thomas—his down-to-earth courage, his passion for his work, his struggle to find himself—it all feels so real to me. Perhaps you’ve read and loved a book series because its characters were so relatable, so human. That is, after all, what makes a story so great.

I have to say, though…as much as I love Thomas, there was something about writing Sean Butler that was just so special to me. Sean, Thomas’s best friend and Artemis’s brother, is such a light-hearted character. He’s been with Thomas since they were children, and I love the bond that they have. That bond survives through thick and thin, as you’ll see.

Sean holds a special place in my heart. He’s immature, he’s ridiculous, he’s even a bit obnoxious at times, but his heart is pure towards his friends. Sean is about as loyal of a friend as they come. In the darkest or most daunting times of this book, Sean is often the one who lightens Thomas’s load and brings some well-needed humor and relief. Sean and Thomas have some rough terrain ahead, but there’s a strength in their bond that I just loved writing.

Does Sean remind you of anyone in your life? Who is that wonderful, ridiculous, amazing friend for you? Comment about them and what you love and don’t love about that friendship!

Here’s a snippet from my book!

The sensation was uncanny to say the least. Perhaps more accurately, the lack of sensation was uncanny. For all his sense told him, there was nothing impeding his way, and Thomas knew on an intellectual he should have been able to step through the empty space, but no matter how hard he tried, something stopped him.

“Dude, you could be like, the world’s best mime,” Sean said, staring at his friend in awe.

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