Happy NaNoWriMo! This is such an exciting time for every author out there. And yes, if you’re writing 50,000 pages in a month, you are indeed an author. Congratulations. 

Here are a few tips I have for writing this month.

A little bit goes a long way

Be sure to split this huge goal up into little pieces! 50,000 words in one month—that’s a daunting task, but you can do it. Turns out, writing a little bit every day not only helps you focus and generate ideas, but it can give you the time you need to go back and make necessary edits afterward. It’s simple math; you’re looking at about 1700 words a day. If you’re like me, that could mean cramming it in after dinner, but it’s worth it! 

Do it for the right reasons

Have an idea you want to see through? Write about that! It’s no fun to write so much about something you’re not passionate about. Especially if you’re just doing it because a friend asked you to do it with them. I, for example, wouldn’t be interested in writing about something that wasn’t supernatural (a historical fiction? Not up my alley.) Be sure to find something you’re willing to see through to the end! If the idea excites you, it’s a good sign you’re on the right track. 

Have someone to share your progress with

Trust me, if you don’t have someone in this with you, it’s a hundred times harder to write. Pick someone who, ideally, is interested in writing too (better yet, who is doing NaNoWriMo with you!). A support network is really important for a writer. That person can be anyone—your mom, your best friend, someone at work, your neighbor, even your dog sitter! Who comes to mind for you? That is a good sign that they’re the person for you. Let them check in on your progress every once in a while; it feels good to tell someone your writing successes and struggles. 

For my protagonist Thomas, that person was Sean. Talk about loyalty! Check out my old post on best friends if you need some ideas on who that great support could be. 

Treat yourself

Don’t burn out! Writing takes time and energy, so if you feel exhausted at any point in this challenge...don’t worry. That is completely normal. Take the time to pull back, do something else, pull your mind (and fingers!) away from your laptop, and come back only when you’re ready! Honestly, this should be something that you’ll remember fondly—that you’ll never regret. 

Give yourself rewards throughout the month! It could be a movie night, a night out with friends, a fancy dinner, or something as simple as buying an ice cream cone. If it helps, read to relax! Then, when you feel ready, get back in the game. Trust me, taking those much-needed breaks will save you from serious burnout this month. 

Hope this helps any writers out there this month! Share your experience in the comments! How is NaNoWriMo going for you so far? What tips do you have? 

What about me?

If you’re wondering, this author is working on some serious writing herself—edits for the second book of my series, in fact! 

A snippet of my first chapter of the second book is coming soon! Keep an eye out, and happy writing. 

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