My New Favorite Font

A while ago, I was looking for the perfect scratching on the walls font for supernatural posts. In the process, I discovered October Crow.

Check out how awesome this font is.

I made a series of vampire tips for Halloween out of this font. I can’t love it enough. Unfortunately, my graphic design skills could have used some help. But this is basic and I loved it.

I discovered later that white looked way better for this font. And I figured out how to use the background for my book cover as a background for text.

This banner cover gives me chills. Yes, it’s a bit cheezey. But I love it all the same.

So I made a new newsletter rather than use the one that came with WordPress for updating you about blog posts. I struggled with the WordPress one and just stuck with plain, boring white and black. It needed a little bit of me in the newsletter, so I branched out. No one has signed up yet for the new one, but that may be because my graphic (see above) is once again pretty cheezy. And awesome. Here’s the final look (if you haven’t seen it around Twitter already).

My graphic design skills are still zero, but I still love this. So join me and my favorite font. My first book is coming out soon (I’m hoping to announce the release date early March), I have a new newsletter that looks amazing (sign up here), and this October Crow font is my new favorite thing outside of supernatural and hockey (download it here).

Happy writing!

Edited to add: a lot of these fonts from are for free for personal use only, but they do offer licenses you can purchase. October Crow is one of the fonts that are 100% free.

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