Friday the 13th was the official kick-off for spooky for me. I love Halloween and am always willing to start it before October actually begins.

Halloween has always been a holiday of fun and an excusable reason to dress up all the time. You walk into someone in costume at the store the week of Halloween and you think costume party, not “What the hell are they wearing in the middle of July?” (quick store trips on the way to Renaissance Fairs, anyone?)

I’ll take any excuse to dress up, really. Who wouldn’t want to be a creature of the night, more powerful than mortal humans who can’t get over the fact they have to work to survive and the work never ends, even with brief moments of Netflix binges to take off the sting. I’d love to be a vampire, a werewolf, a witch, a dragon, a faerie. Sign me up (though I’m not sure I actually want to be immortal).

So now it’s Halloween season and I can’t wait. The weather is cooling down, I’m drinking too much hot chocolate already, and I’m donning my fingerless gloves for warm typing away at my computer. This is my season, the month(s) I look forward to each year.

So happy pre-season Halloween, everyone! May you enjoy all the horror you can handle and costume and candy fun you can stomach!

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